After Party/Event Cleaning




If you’re looking for a company to clean up after your party, we can help. We’re confident that our professional team can clean up any party mess!

Standard After Party/Event Cleaning

Living & Outdoor Areas Cleaning

Dispose of leftover food & rubbish
Dust & clean surfaces
Empty rubbish bins
General tidy
Vacuum & Mop Floors
Remove all party decorations
Reorganize/rearrange everything in the              party hall

Bathroom Cleaning

Basin Scrubbed and Polished
Bench tops cleaned
Front of vanity cleaned
Toilet cleaned and disinfected
Bins emptied
Mop the floor

Kitchen Cleaning

Clean and wash cutlery and dishes
Tidy up to remove rubbish
Clean benches and surfaces
Clean kitchen sink and Stove top
Clean appliances (externally)
Wipe front of cupboards and fridge
Empty bins
Vacuum and Mop

Need an After Party/Event Cleaning Service?
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