Deep Clean



If you require Deep Clean for your home Mirage Cleaning Services can help you. We can arrange for a team of professional cleaners to come to your home at your convenience.

Standard Deep Clean

All Areas Cleaning

  Clean Door Frames, Lights Switches and           Skirting Boards
  Clean & Polish Mirrors and Glass Surfaces
  Dust All Furniture/Picture Frames
  Vacuum Carpets
  Sweep & Mop Floors
  Clean Interior Windows
  Empty Rubbish Bins

Bathroom Cleaning

  Clean Baths
  Clean Sinks and Mirrors
  Dust Cabinet Doors
  Clean Counter tops
  Clean Shower Door
  Scrub & Clean Toilets and Sinks
  Scrub & Clean Showers/Tubs
  Scrub & Clean Tiles and fittings
  Sweep & Mop Floors 

Kitchen Cleaning

  Clean Stove Top
  Wipe Clean Microwave
  Wipe Large Kitchen Appliances
  Wipe Cupboard Fronts
  Clean Counter tops
  Scrub and Disinfect The Sink
  Sweep & Mop Floors
  Clean Door Frames, Lights Switches and Skirting             Boards

Need a Deep Clean Service?
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