Move in and Move out Cleaning



If you are moving into a new home or a new commercial office space in Abu Dhabi, and you need a cleaning service, Mirage Cleaning Services offers you with the Move in and Move out Cleaning Service to leave the property you are leaving/moving into in spotless condition.

Standard Move in and Move out Cleaning

         Standard Cleaning
            (Dusting, mopping, spot cleaning or surfaces cleaning)

         Window Cleaning
            (Indoor window cleaning)

         Floor Cleaning
            (Sweep, vacuum and mop carpets, tiles or floor boards)

         Cupboards and Drawers
            (Remove all dust and grime from outside/inside the cupboards and drawers)

         Grout Cleaning
            (Mould removal in grouting for the Bathroom and Kitchen)

Additional Services
         After Moving Unpacking Services

Need a Move in and Move Out Cleaning Service?
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